Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Cason getting ready to meet his teacher!!!!

Conleigh and her favorite face. Haha

Conleigh and I had a lot to do the night before Preschool, from getting everything together, to manicures, and story time!! Cason fell asleep at 7 pm... That never happens!!!

The morning of preschool.. They did AMAZING!!! No tears!!! They had a great day!! Yay!!!

Cason is so big, getting a drink all by himself!!!....( look how big his backpack is, hehe)so sweet!!!

Our precious Conleigh Rose... She loved her 1st day of preschool!!!

Cason had a great time. Two thumbs up!!!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Practice, playing & pizza

Ahh, pizza inn after practice and playing.... Is there anything better?

Daddy pushing Cason and swinging at the same time.... Now that is talent!!!

He is so precious!!!

She LOVES to swing!!!

Watching daddy coach t- ball.

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Poor Cason, stuck inside. Allergies stink!!!

Our precious Conleigh hard at work, and living it!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Beautiful Babies

My babies together.... Makes my heart happy!!! I am SO in love!!!

I love this one. We asked them to
Show us How Big God is? This will be blown up huge in my house!!!

Our precious, 2 year old, miracle
Conleigh Rose. Growing way TOO fast!!!

Just beautiful... If I may say so :-)

She looks like she should be in a French cafe... Just saying :-)

We dressed her up to have a tea party, she loved it, she is so ADORABLE!!!

Our little man..... How can I say no to that face... ( I do, but man
It is hard ;-))

I love that chin!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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Silly Boy!!!!

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We are renovating our house!!!! We are expanding our laundry room, adding a play room, reflooring our entire house, painting most of the house, and I am sure that we will think of some other projects. This is the progress on our playroom. :-)

This was last weekend.

Progress!!! Woo hoo!!! My Burgess & Medders guys are SO wonderful!!!

I came home to find the boys sliding down the trusses!! Crazy kids.

King of the mountain!!

Our Conleigh Rose... She stayed at the bottom.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The after

This is our little guys handy work.

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The before

This is a silly picture from the day before

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Bad hair move

So the morning started at 5 am, when good old labor and delivery called and said that I could stay home from work today if I wanted, I said absolutely, and then told the charge nurse that I Loved Her!!! The children both have a terrible cough, so they were up pretty soon afterwards. So off we are on our day!!! Cameron coaches Upwards basketball on Saturday morning. After getting breakfast, and much playing, the kids were fussy. So we all laid down for a nap. I was out in 10 minutes.... Guess that they were not. I woke up when Cason came up to me and wiped his face on my blanket, after further evaluation I noticed hair all over his shirt!!! The little rascal had cut his hair!!! I ran to check on Conleigh, she was playing at her kitchen, hair intact. I then went to the restroom and see that Mr Cason had gotten into my nail care kit. He evidently had been brushing his hair with the nail brush and cutting it with the cuticle scissors. So I guess he will be having a bad hair month (at least) until it grows back.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conleigh Loves her doll

Thanks Honeywana and Pops!!! (hahaha Pops must have been tired!!!)

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Valentines knocked out

So my in-laws (Honeywana, and Pops) got the kids valentine gifts. On Valentines, the babies fell asleep early in the car, so we decided that we would wait until the next day so they could give the children the valentines themselves. We left our house at 6:15 and got to their house at 6:25, to my dismay Cason fell asleep in the car AGAIN! They went ahead and gave
Conleigh her doll, AND candy and we gave a sleeping Cason his gift. Haha

Cason with his gifts!! He can hardly contain his excitement!!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It is obvious.. I will need some help

So I was just attempting to go to a friend's blog and "follow" them (I am still not entirely sure what that means) And in the process followed my own page. Ughhhhh. I am in desperate need of blogger tutorials. I do not know how to "un-follow" my page, so maybe I am weird, but hey I now have 2 followers!!! Woot!! hahaha
My precious Cason. He was so Super Fussy! He fell asleep 2 seconds after this picture was taken.

Cameron and I in our Green!!! I just LOVE him, he is such a great sport!!

Super Bowl = Super Blog

Cameron's side of the family always gets together for the Super Bowl. In part because we look for any reason to get together, oh and eat, but also to celebrate Cameron's and his dad's birthday! (They were born a day apart!) I used to say that I was intrested in the commercials, but lets face it really I do not care one bit about what is on that TV... or who is playing...or who wins. I did ask several people this year who I should root for, and they said Greenbay. So my whole family dressed in Green, maybe I would get into it this year........NOPE. I did glance at Christina Agularia as she messed up the National Anthem, and I did look up as the Half-Time show was going on, but really I was not entertained. I am not sure why or how to explain it, other than to say, I just do not care. Does that make me UnAmerican??? Ehh Well anyway, so my night instead was spent entertaining children, and starting this blog!!! My wonderful sister-in-law Ashley talked me into it.(SHOUT OUT) hahah It has gotten to a slow start, but I do think that I will enjoy writing into cyber world.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's Try This AGAIN!!

Well, I've started blogs in the past... but really this time I am in for the long haul. Get ready to hear about the inner workings of the Burgess household, the good, bad, and hilarious!!